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Why BOTOX® Will Be Your Favorite Wedding Date

Botox Wedding Date

Wedding season is in full swing. If you’re like us, you’ve accumulated a stack of invitations over the last few months. While you’re browsing cocktail dresses and picking out your plus one, you could also be erasing those pesky wrinkles that show up on your forehead and around your eyes every time you smile. Learn how BOTOX helps many Tampa-area patients just like you look photo-ready in any expression. Meanwhile, for our male readers out there, check out these mens black wedding rings online.

What Is BOTOX Made From?

BOTOX uses a purified form of botulinum toxin type A. This ingredient works by blocking the signals that your nerves send your muscles, reducing muscle activity. BOTOX is FDA approved for cosmetic use, and other forms of the drug have been used in a variety of medical specialties for years. Its safety is well-understood and well-documented. BOTOX only works where it’s placed, so choosing an injector with plenty of experience and knowledge is the key to getting a great result.

BOTOX is like a filler, right?

Not exactly. BOTOX and fillers are alike because they’re both injectable, but that’s where the similarities end. Fillers work by adding volume to areas where it’s lacking. BOTOX reduces the look of wrinkles by changing the way the face moves. This means that it’s most effective on lines that are caused by movement, such as crow’s feet and forehead lines. Fillers and BOTOX are not competitors. Rather, they’re 2 distinct product categories that can complement each other.

How far in advance of a special occasion should I undergo BOTOX?

There’s definitely a chronological “sweet spot” when it comes to BOTOX, especially if you’re thinking of getting it to look your best at a big event. It can take several weeks for the results of botox injections to become completely apparent, so it’s a good idea to undergo your treatment at least 3 weeks before your special event. This allows your results to fully develop and also ensures any potential side effects, like swelling or bruising, will be completely resolved. We don’t recommend having BOTOX more than 3 months before an event, however, since your results may begin wearing off.

Our highly experienced injectors take the time to carefully evaluate your areas of concern and talk to you about your specific goals. If BOTOX isn’t right for you, we may recommend another treatment, such as fillers or even a peel. Regardless of what treatment ends up being the best option for you, the professionals at Radiance Medspa are excited to bring out your skin’s best.

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