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Radiance Med Spa, Belleair Bluffs, FL
Radiance Med Spa, Belleair Bluffs, FL

WiQo PRX Derm Perfexion

Conveniently available at our two locations, Louisville, CO and Belleair Bluffs, FL.

We are thrilled to be among the first in Tampa Bay to offer the latest innovation in skin revitalization!

The WiQo® PRX Derm Perfexion is a NEW T-33 BioRevitalization treatment, highly advanced chemical facial that combines the effects of specialty ingredients with a patented technique performed by a licensed medical aesthetician to dramatically & immediately improve the texture, tone, & laxity of your skin! The non-injectable biorevitalizer induces deep dermal bio-stimulation without harming the skin.

The WiQo® PRX Derm Perfexion is a remarkable 33% TCA skin treatment with ZERO downtime! The components “PRX” and “T-33” stand for the ingredients in its unique formulation. PRX stands for hydrogen peroxide while the number 33 is the percentage of TCA in the compound.

What is WiQo® PRX Derm Perfexion?

No pain, no needles, no downtime, & little to NO peeling! The WiQo® PRX Derm Perfexion can treat all skin types, all ages & a myriad of skin concerns, including:

  • Hyperpigmentation
  • Aging
  • Lax, sagging skin
  • Sun Damage
  • Scars
  • Melasma
  • Acne
  • Stretch Marks
  • Pore appearance
  • Wrinkles and Fine Lines

Did we mention, unlike other chemical treatments the WiQo® peel is non photosensitive, meaning it doesn’t react to sun exposure. Making it the perfect Florida treatment!

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Interested in learning what the WiQo® PRX Derm Perfexion can do for you? Schedule a complimentary consultation!

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Why Choose Radiance Medspa for WiQo® PRX Derm Perfexion?

  • cropped small logo radiance medspa in Belleair Bluff Florida.pngWe are honest, sincere, and never pushy. We will never recommend anything that is not appropriate for your needs or your budget.
  • cropped small logo radiance medspa in Belleair Bluff Florida.pngWe have performed thousands of facial treatments over the past 17 years.
  • cropped small logo radiance medspa in Belleair Bluff Florida.pngWe only deliver natural looking results – you will never look fake or overdone.
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WiQo PRX Derm Perfexion Results

WiQo PRX Derm Perfexion Details

Average Member Cost

Series of 4 treatments $1225.94

Average Non-Member Cost

Series of 4 treatments $1362.15

Pain Level

The treatment is painless. Some patients may experience a slight tingle in the treatment area that dissipates within minutes.

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Side Effects

When booking your WiQo PRX-T33 treatment, please keep in mind the possibility of redness, swelling, blotchiness, darkening of spots, flaking, and peeling after the treatment. 

radiance icons exfolaints

Discontinue Exfoliants and Accutane

Discontinue Retin-A, Glycolic, Alpha or Beta Hydroxy Acids, and exfoliants for one week prior to each treatment. Discontinue Accutane (and any isotretinoin products) for 12 months prior.

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Other Treatments

It is important to wait at least 2-4 weeks after your WiQo PRX-T33 treatment and until any redness, swelling and/or peeling have completely resolved before getting other types of facial or Laser
treatments on the same area.

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Anticipate seeing some results right away and complete results 2-4 weeks after treatment. Multiple treatments in a series are required to achieve optimal results. The WiQo PRX-T33 treatment is performed at 1 week intervals.

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Clean Skin

Please come to your appointment with clean skin – remove all makeup, creams, and lotions.

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Dress Comfortably

Please dress so that you may comfortably and modestly expose the treatment area, when applicable (i.e.chest).

radiance icons side effects

Side Effects

1-2 days after treatment, your skin may feel tight and/or rough like sandpaper and pigmented spots may get darker. Light flaking may occur.

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Keep Skin Clean

Please keep the skin clean and avoid makeup on the treated area for the rest of the day following treatment. Tinted sunblock may safely be used starting the day after treatment. Clean makeup (using clean makeup tools) may be applied the next day unless the skin is peeling.


Sensitive Skin

Your skin may be more fragile or sensitive than usual for up to 1 week. Avoid using any skin care products other than the post care provided. Do not use any mechanical devices or washcloths to wash your face. Only wash your face with your hands.

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Products to Use

The products below should be used for the week in between your treatments and for a week after your last treatment. AM: Is Clinical Cleansing Complex, WiQo Moisturizing Cream, + iS Clinical Eclipse SPF 50. PM: Is Clinical Cleansing Complex, WiQo Smoothing Fluid, + WiQo Moisturizing Cream

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Avoid Direct Sun

Although the WiQo PRX-T33 peel does not require that you avoid sun exposure afterwards like most other peels, it is still recommended that you avoid direct sun on the treatment area for the best possible care of your skin and to achieve optimal results.

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Avoid Heat / Exercise

No strenuous exercise or excessive sweating for 48 hours post treatment and avoid and any activities that expose the skin to potentially unclean environments and/or produce excessive perspiration.

blood thinners


NSAIDS and anti-inflammatories should not be used during the entire duration of your WiQo PRX-T33 series and should be avoided for 1-week after the last treatment.

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Schedule Follow Ups

Please schedule your follow-up appointment 90 days after your final Vivace treatment to assess results and determine whether additional treatments are needed.

Frequently Asked Questions

What areas can be treated with WiQo® PRX Derm Perfexion?

The most popular areas to treat are the face and neck. The treatment helps to smooth lines and wrinkles on the face, neck, and decolletage and can even be used to tighten and firm the chest.

When will I see results?

Results can be seen immediately after the treatment and beyond. An immediate tightening is seen directly after treatment, with the added benefit of long-term tightening and lifting as the collagen cells are stimulated, resulting in youthful and healthy-looking skin.

How long does a WiQo® PRX Derm Perfexion take?

The PRX Derm Perfexion treatment takes roughly 30 minutes.

Who is a candidate for WiQo® PRX Derm Perfexion?

Anyone who wants glowing, tighter, more even-toned skin, immediately.

How is the treatment performed?

A licensed medical aesthetician will perform the WiQo® PRX Derm Perfexion treatment in a minimum series of four treatments spread across 4 weeks. The WiQo® facial smoothing fluid is applied to one area of the body at a time. It is massaged into the skin using a specific pressure and technique.

What post care is required with the treatment?

Every patient will receive specially formulated post-care products and instructions that are imperative to the treatment. While the WiQo® PRX Derm Perfexion is non photoreactive, it is still important to use sun protection after your treatment and beyond.

How Much Does the WiQo® PRX Derm Perfexion Cost?

Costs will vary based on the specific treatment needed and the individual needs of the patient. The WiQo® PRX Derm Perfexion is performed in a minimum of four treatments spread across 4 weeks. All costs as well as any possible financing options will be discussed prior to treatment during a complimentary consultation at Radiance Medspa.

What should I expect from my WiQo® PRX Derm PerfexionTreatment?

The WiQo® PRX Derm Perfexion instantly results in glowing tighter skin. Over the course of a series, patients can expect a dramatic improvement to the texture, tone, & laxity of the skin. Most experience no peeling at all, however some dryness may result. Patients may return to daily activities without any downtime. A post care product kit will be given at the first appointment to be used at home to prolong and enhance the treatment outcome.

How is the WiQo® PRX Derm Perfexion Different from Chemical Facial Treatments?

Unlike traditional chemical peels, the WiQo® PRX Derm Perfexion patented formula and treatment delivery penetrate the dermis leaving the surface of the skin intact. There’s no sloughing, no peeling, and no crusting — none of the post treatment affects that are typically associated with TCA peels. The PRX T-33 is not photosynthesizing and doesn’t react to sun exposure as typical chemical peels do.

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