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Radiance Med Spa, Belleair Bluffs, FL
Radiance Med Spa, Belleair Bluffs, FL

Amy Crouser

Registered NurseAmy Crouser

Meet Amy Crouser, RN, an aesthetic pro with 11 years of experience in the industry. Amy’s all about bringing out the natural beauty in each client and is also a huge fan of personal growth, always working on improving mind, body, and spirit.

Passion for the Profession:
Amy’s journey is all about boosting the inherent beauty in every client. With her love for natural results and years of know-how, she’s your go-to expert in the field.

Personal Growth Enthusiast:
On a personal level, Amy is super passionate about growing herself. Whether in her career or personal life, she’s always on the lookout for ways to get better and better.

Unexpected Career Twist:
Starting as a Registered Nurse, Amy found her calling in facial aesthetics after a career-altering injury. Fast forward, and she’s rocking the aesthetic world, loving every minute of it.

Fear-Busting Superpower:
Amy is a pro at calming clients’ fears, especially when it comes to injections. Her dedication to educating clients ensures they feel totally at ease, especially if it’s their first-time diving into aesthetic treatments.

Noteworthy Achievements:
Beyond her successful career, Amy’s most cherished accomplishment is raising two amazing children. She’s got a long list of professional milestones, including graduating from Clarion School of Nursing, becoming an Injectable Training Specialist, and landing a stellar gig at a top-notch Medspa in Louisville.

Go-To Treatments:
Amy’s all about Botox – it’s quick, impactful, and close to her heart. As for herself, she loves kicking back with a facial, soaking in the medical-grade skincare, and leaving with that post-facial glow.

Skills and Philosophy:
Amy brings loads of industry experience, a sharp eye for aesthetics, adaptability, a positive vibe, a hunger for knowledge, and a genuine commitment to excellence to her job. Her life motto? Keep it simple, love deeply, care genuinely, and speak kindly.

Certified Expertise:
Certification-wise, Amy’s got her RN license, Botox, and Derma-filler certifications in the bag. And guess what? She’s eyeing the CANS certification this year!

Fun Facts About Amy:

  1. Amy made history as the first female president of the Police Academy at just 19 years old.
  2. Growing up in a world of equine dentistry, her dad trained and raced Standardbred racehorses.
  3. Amy loves nature, finding joy in outdoor activities like hiking and paddle boarding.

In Amy’s words, talking about herself might not be her strong suit, but her track record and unwavering dedication say it all. As she keeps rocking the aesthetics world, Amy stands tall as a pro with a big heart, bringing expertise, passion, and genuine care to her clients.

Amy Courser, RN

Education and Certification

  • cropped small logo radiance medspa in Belleair Bluff Florida.pngRegistered Nurse- Board Certified
  • cropped small logo radiance medspa in Belleair Bluff Florida.pngB.S., Nursing