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Radiance Med Spa, Belleair Bluffs, FL
Radiance Med Spa, Belleair Bluffs, FL

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Shed Your Summer Skin With a HydraFacial®


Believe it or not, cooler weather is on its way. If summer left its mark on your skin, you can replenish it and restore your glow just in time for fall with HydraFacial. Our Tampa-area patients love HydraFacial because it’s gentle enough to bring out the best in many different skin types, and its results are truly noticeable. If you haven’t discovered this favorite yet, read on to learn the basics.

What Is HydraFacial?

You’re likely familiar with spa facials, those relaxing treatments done by an aesthetician at your favorite day spa. HydraFacial goes a few steps further with its advanced technology that works at a deep level to unclog congested pores, cleanse skin, and extract—all with the same device. Patients love HydraFacial because it’s incredibly comfortable, without the pinching or poking that’s associated with conventional facials, in case you need a reliable clinic to go, you can find a skin clinic with a good reputation here. It can be used to treat chronically dry skin, fine lines, textural irregularities, or simply a dull, tired-looking complexion.

HydraFacial is a must during sticky Florida summers because it can offset many of the season’s unpleasant effects. Extreme heat and humidity affect everyone differently. For example, some people experience dryness while others see increased oil production or more breakouts. A HydraFacial treatment—or series of treatments—facilitates healthy skin renewal and gives your face a fresh start as the seasons change.

What Happens During HydraFacial?

If you’ve ever had a spa facial, you know that they’re typically completed in a series of steps—cleansing, exfoliation, extractions, and then the application of products. HydraFacial completes the same steps on a deeper level than a traditional facial. Using its proprietary handpiece, your aesthetician decongests your pores and filters away impacted dirt, oil, and other impurities, leaving your skin impeccably clean and fresh. HydraFacial also includes extractions, which are performed with the same handpiece for an incredibly comfortable experience.

Once your face has been cleansed, exfoliated, and prepared, your aesthetician uses the same handpiece to infuse your skin with a serum full of the active ingredients it needs to look amazing. We select the serums used based on your skin’s unique needs for a completely customized experience. Your HydraFacial appointment lasts for about 1 hour, and you can expect your dewy, healthy glow to last for weeks.

At Radiance Medspa, skin our specialty and our passion—and the proof is in our patients’ beautiful skin. We invite you to request your free consultation right here on our website and explore the ways your skin can look its best.