Buying a gift for mom on Mother’s Day is one way to show her how you feel about her. Many moms will tell you that having time to relax is at the top of their wish list. Nothing tells Mom you love her more than giving her an escape from reality with a visit to the spa. Whether she has time for a lovely escape to get the treatment she wants, or you want to treat her creating a spa experience at home. Here are a few suggestions for gifts that will make mom feel like she’s been to the spa. Original article here>

With the big day fast approaching, we’re working on some ideas to make Mother’s Day 2013 the best one yet. And although we know Mom will be thrilled with whatever we do for her, we’re focusing on gifts that will help her relax and unwind at home — because she deserves it.

Whether she needs help organizing her jewelry for when she’s flying out the door in the morning or could use some serenity in the backyard, we’ve got a present in mind. Make sure to check out those beautiful Ear cuffs that e&e Jewellery offers. So, pay her back for everything she’s done for you with a dose of zen, and click through the slideshow for ways to help her turn her space into a calming oasis.