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Misty Wells Gets Camera Ready with CoolSculpting

As Florida’s Outdoor Darlin’, Misty Wells recently found herself preparing to move her popular radio show “Let’s Take it Outside” to a new medium – television. And with the thought of getting in front of the camera, this late-40s, single mom who describes herself as neither actress nor model, decided she would drum up a bit of extra self-confidence by engaging in a some non-invasive body contouring with CoolSculpting treatments.

“I’m a really regular person,” explains Misty. “I’m not a supermodel putting in a cameo.” A serious outdoorswoman on camera and off, Misty regularly participates in hunting, offshore fishing, sport fishing, diving and snorkeling, and she teaches others the skills she has honed in the great outdoors.

Obviously, Misty is a woman with little fear, and when it came to considering self-improvement through CoolSculpting and a few other cosmetic procedures, she brought her same courageous spirit to Radiance Medspa. Misty even willingly served as a live demonstration “model” at several events.

“Anytime you are considering a treatment, the fear factor can come in,” she says. “Does it hurt? Will I look weird? CoolSculpting didn’t hurt at all, and the important thing was that guests at the demonstration even got to see a real treatment happening before their eyes.” During the demos, which took place at Radiance Medspa’s educational evenings, Misty spent an hour or so with the CoolSculpting applicators attached to the area being treated while she gregariously chatted with guests (she may have even had a glass of wine). Because Misty participated in multiple events, some guests were able to see her before and after to get a sense of the great results she achieved with CoolSculpting.

A non-surgical method of body contouring, CoolSculpting is based on research by Harvard scientists who realized that delivering targeted cooling to fat below the skin’s surface caused damage to the fat cells without affecting the surrounding tissue. During the weeks following a CoolSculpting treatment, the body naturally and eliminates the damaged fat cells. CoolSculpting can be used to reduce fat on the abdomen, flanks or love handles, hips, mid-back, inner and outer thighs and arms. With the CoolMini applicator, submental fat – the double chin – can also be targeted.

In all, Misty treated her lower abdomen – she had had two C-sections, her bra line and her love handles with two treatments each. Her upper abdomen received one treatment, and within just a week of CoolSculpting, Misty began to see its effects.

“I started seeing changes in about five days,” she says. “My clothes fit better, and the areas kept improving. Now, I see a lot more definition.” Each CoolSculpting treatment eliminates about 25 percent of the fat cells in the treated area, and multiple treatments to the same area are completely safe. Typically, these are spaced about a month apart.

“It’s kind of a jump start to get on the right track,” Misty says. Although slight temporary bruising and swelling can follow CoolSculpting treatments, Misty did not have either. “I was a little numb afterwards, but after about a day, I felt completely normal.”

In addition to her somewhat public foray into CoolSculpting, Misty has visited Radiance for injectables and fillers including BOTOX to smooth fine lines and Juvéderm Voluma, which adds volume to the face and gets rid of the tired look so many women start to have even after a good night’s sleep.

“I can’t say enough about the staff at Radiance because they are all so amazing and nice. They take a personal vested interest in each one of their clients,” says Misty. “What I love is that they never try to get you to do more than you really need, so the results are very natural.”

With the launch of her television show coming up, Misty now approaches the camera with gusto, and she feels great about the look she has achieved. “You should make the investment in yourself,” she advises. “So many women think about our husbands or our kids, and we forget about ourselves. Go for it! It doesn’t take a lot of time, and it really does work.”