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Meet a Cellulite Treatment that Really Works

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Dimples may be cute on babies and cheeks, but they don’t belong on your rear view. And if you’ve tried creams, massages or even laser treatments, you probably discovered that nothing could eliminate the look of cellulite long term, if anything even helped at all. Until now. Get ready for the end of cellulite thanks to Cellfina, the only treatment with an FDA-proven track record to provide visible results with one brief treatment and great results.

By targeting the actual cause of cellulite’s cottage cheese appearance – the architecture of that special fat that causes dimpling – Cellfina creates smoother skin. Even better, the effects are almost immediate and there is no real downtime. The treatment takes about an hour during which a needle-size device is gently inserted into the skin, and the applicator sends out a microblade to cut fibrous bands of connective tissue below the skin. These bands are responsible for tugging the skin down and creating that dimpled look. And you won’t feel a thing thanks to some topical numbing cream. If it sounds simple and groundbreaking, it is because once those fibrous bands have been cut, the skin releases, and the surface is immediately smoother. Results will continue to improve during the next three to six months, and we won’t say a word about how shorts your shorts are getting.

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