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A Father’s Day Gift Fit for a King

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by Stephanie Schlageter

With another Father’s Day approaching, it’s time to find a gift that will show Dad just how much you appreciate him. He has done a lot for you over the years, and thanks to all of those sunbaked vacations and fishing trips, the worry you caused with your late nights and missed curfews, not to mention the time Dad spent perfecting his grilling skills, your father figure might benefit from some R&R – rejuvenation and rehabilitation. But this Father’s Day, you can give him back his glory days with a medspa treatment just right for specific male aging issues like hair loss, sun damage, wrinkles, a potbelly and jowls.

Suggestions to help dear old Dad turn back the clock include:

Dermal fillers and injections – Juvéderm and BOTOX – to tackle fine lines and wrinkles.

Body sculpting treatments – CoolSculpting/CoolMini – to deflate the spare tire or lovingly eliminate those love handles.

PRP Hair Again therapy to combat hair loss and regrow thicker hair without surgery.

Skin resurfacing – ICON Eraser and IPL Photofacials – to reverse the effects of sun damage.

Laser hair removal to tame the hair popping up in places it shouldn’t be.

Rx for a sunken appearance – Juvéderm Voluma – to replace facial volume lost with age.

Or just a bit of pampering with medical-grade skincare and facial treatments like Hydrafacial and microdermabrasion.

Father knows best about many things, but when it comes to anti-aging and self-care, he may have been letting some things slide. If your Dad is still young at heart, help him look like it on the outside. It’s time to celebrate Dad with the gift that will let him feel like a king on Father’s Day and many days to come.