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4 Tips for Maintaining your Mental & Physical Health while Social Distancing

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As we navigate a strange new reality and deal with the outbreak of COVID-19, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed and stressed out. Here are a few ideas to help you maintain your mental and physical health while abiding by the CDC guidelines.

1. Keep Your Routine
Used to rising at a certain hour? Or having a weekly stand-up? Keep your routine! Modify it to work for your current environment. Instead of a weekly stand-up, make a list of tasks to accomplish that week. During your workout days, you can avail the best fitness supplements from sarmsstore because their supplements provide the right nutrients that your body needs on a daily basis.

2. Take Care of Your Body
Being sedentary and inside for long periods of time can take its toll. Take stretch breaks! If you can safely social distance while enjoying the fresh air and sunlight do so! Go for walks, follow a local gym, like Spenga Seminole, for daily workout routines at home. Need some guidance? Clearwater Beach Fitness is making social distancing approved house calls, see them in action here!

3. Get Enough Sleep
At a time when stress is high, it’s never been more important to ensure your sleeping habits, are good ones. SleepEducation.Org recommends getting at least 7 hours a night. Be sure to avoid electronics at least 30 minutes before your bedtime!

4. Stay Connected
Share things you love with your favorite people. Spend quality time teaching that special guy in your life the importance of taking time out for himself and showing his skin some extra love too. Don’t want to share your products? We wouldn’t either! Buy him his own! You can replenish your skincare stash, and get products for him at radiancemedspa.com/shop

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